Grandma Pardo’s Treadle Sewing Machine

Tony_n_RoseGrandma Pardo had a treadle sewing machine that we would play with when we visited.  Years of kids hands, basement humidity and Grandpa using it as a place to put his leftover paint, caused much of the veneer to peel.  When we cleaned out the house, nobody could bear to part with it even though it was in rough shape.  It spent the next 2 decades in a box with good intentions to restore it.

Cleaning out the shed, I decided it was time to see what I needed to do to put it back together.  For 2 weeks, I have been cleaning, adjusting and scraping paint…much of it needing dental picks!

1950’s Buffalo Forge production Drill Press – Model 15M

Here is a 1950’s vintage production drill press made by Buffalo Forge.  This is a model 15M and according to Joe Silva, the full length cast aluminum hood is rare,

March 2015 Projects

It has been a busy month so far; cleaning up the shop and finishing projects that have been neglected.  Instead of posting about each project, I put them in one gallery…enjoy!



Custom Drill Press Cabinet – Part 2: Organization

Awhile ago I created a custom cabinet to go under my drill press.  In order to move the cabinet if I needed to lower the table, I had to make it “U” shaped to go around the base and post.

I finally got around to organizeing the drill bits and here is the first drawer almost done. What remains is to make labels for the drawers.  Binder clips may be the best option for moveable labels.

There are 3 more drawers to go…

Singer 29-4

Here is functional restoration and deep cleaning on a rescued Singer Model 29-4.  For the most part, it is functional and didn’t appear to have many repairs or “fixes”.

At first, all I was going to do was make a shelf with drawers however that quickly turned into a complete tear down and additional upgrades.  After working through the layers of grime, paint and varnish (that somebody thought would be a nice addition), I got down to the original japanning and decals.

All the parts were cleaned, polished, tuned up (if needed) and reassembled with some current lube that won’t turn everything black.

Next on the tasklist is to cleanup the stand and find a donor sewing machine for a motor and footpedal.  LED lighting and some new decals will complete the project…I think.  :-)


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